The chipper consists of machine frame, knife rotor assembly, upper feed rollers, lower feed rollers, belt conveyor unit, hydraulic and electrical system,with the strong structure, easily operation for chopping the wood,bamboo and other non-fiber stems.

The chipper can handle different raw materials , such as wood branch,veneer, salb, bamboo, and cotton stalk, chopping to required size, widely used in the wood based particleboard, fiberboard, paper & pulp industries and wood chip production bases for stock preparation, for particle board factory, fiber board factory, paper mill, biomass power plant and wood chips factory etc.

The upper feed mechanism is linked by a swing shaft on the machine seat,moving up and down with different dia of feeding material, with the hydraulic system and teeth plate on the surface of the heavy feeding roller, the upper feed roller can press the raw material hardly, feeding evenly to the knife drum , aim to ensure uniform chip size, and the oversize chips will re-chip until passing the screen hole.

The system is combined by hand oil pump, an accumulator, large and small cylinders, one-way valve, cut-off valve, pipes and fittings. The function of the small cylinder is to open the rotor chamber for ease of knife changing, while the large cylinder is to lift the upper roller assembly and reduce the force exert on the materials. An accumulator is fitted to absorb shock and made the lift smoothly.